Cheese It On Top Single (Remastered)


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Remastered from the 2009 original.


released 29 June 2014

Writer, Engineer - Cameron B.
Writer - Paxton S.



all rights reserved


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Track Name: Cheese It On Top
Cheese it on top (hmm) x8

[VERSE #1] - Cameron
(Baby cheese it on top)
Girl what'chu think about cheesin' it tonight
After we out this club, girl it'll be alright
Think we should make a plan, (plan) girl, (girl)
If you understand (stand)
'Cuz all I think about is cheesin' in your hand
And you can call me anytime that you need
Special treatment you can only get from me
'Cuz I'm like the doctor, you're like the patient
Come on baby lets do this, I can't wait to-

Cheese it on top (hmm) x8
(Ooh, baby I can't wait to)

[VERSE #2] - Cameron
Girl you know that we do all the things you wanna do
But I'm thinkin' it's that time for somethin' new
Time to do it my way, trust me girl; what I say
If you ain't feelin' this, I'll give you this:
Cheesin' hits, baby it's-
It's like a dream come true, girl you have no clue
'Bout that high that you get, when you take a cheesin' hit
It's like a spice, (spice)
Ice, (ice)
Anything you like (like)
Put it on the top, and baby don't you stop-

Cheese it on top (hmm) x8
And maybe we can cheese it on top, girl

[VERSE #3] - Paxton
Yeah, I get the cheese and I get the money
And I got the Beeswax Burt's Bees on my lips, kiss me
(W-oh, oh, oh yeah)
I got that money, and I got cheese in my pocket
Let's get wasted
Then I get a socket to the mouth, then I get
More peach fuzz on my trout, and I can feel you know
What I'm talkin' bout, even though, some of you may not
So get on my bed girl and maybe we can cheese it on top

[CHORUS] - Pax & Cam
Cheese it on top (hmm) x8
(P: Cheese it on top now, turn it up a notch now
Cheese it on top, baby cheese it on top
Girl give me that top, girl cheese it on top)